Office Space
1999 Feature Film
Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh
An everyday guy takes on the corporate culture in this first live-action comedy directed by King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge. Gary is his heartless boss who makes his life miserable. It's based on Judge's early animated short, Milton.
Also starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Stephen Root
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Critics' Comments

"Gary Cole plays him at just the right comic pitch, high but not high enough to leap the line that separates satire from caricature. A veteran of stage and movies as well as TV, Cole is easily the most impressive performer in the picture." — Susan Stark, Detroit News
"Cole as the creepy boss does a spot-on reading of a glad-handing, amoral corporate weasal." — Dennis King, Tulsa World
"Gary Cole's silver-tongued snake-like boss is just perfect." — Bob Thompson, Toronto Sun
"The boss (is) played with an oily purr by the superb Gary Cole." — Chris Garcia, Austin American-Statesman
"Cole proves there's more than Mike Brady in his pitch-perfect comic arsenal." — Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter
"Gary Cole, from A Simple Plan, delivers the best performance of the movie. As Lumbergh, Peter's main boss, Cole gives a chillingly gracious interpretation of a boss who appears compassionate on the surface but underneath is all of life's annoying bosses rolled into one." — Steve Rhodes, Internet Reviews
Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh in Office Space
Ron Livingston With Gary Cole in Office Space
Gary Cole in Office Space dream sequence
Gary Cole and the two Bobs in Office Space
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