Our Experience

The company owner has been involved in the cleaning industry for nearly 30 years, especially in window maintaining and care. “Gary’s Window Cleaners” specialises in delivering an excellent customer-focused service, including interior and exterior professional window washing, glass protecting technologies and use of safety products. That reduces the risks of damages, extending windows’ lifespan and guaranteeing their perfect appearance during exploitation.

The team is highly-qualified, with top-rated training programmes, possessing certifications for providing the best standards in the niche.


Our corporate goal is to meet all of the customers’ needs and the facility’s features.

We believe in a stress-free clients’ experience and a grand vision of domestic or commercial windows, hiring “Gary’s Window Cleaners”. That is the way we can do business. That is our professional mission and pleasure, as well.

We are located in London. Our opening hours are 24/7.

If you need assistance in window cleaning and glass protecting and would like to enquire about our services, coverage areas, or pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us online through the form for more details; book an appointment and be calm for your property.

Our team will be happy to provide any help according to your requirements and desires.

Experts are aware of the last tendencies and innovations so that they can support you in every case.

Choosing reliable, professional service for your home or firm, showroom, store, you delegate a large part of facility keeping to specialists, concentrating on the rest of your life plans, business tasks or home chores.

Ensure great first impressions through spotless glasses. Expert window cleaning and diligent care can decrease costs for building frontage maintaining, store-bought products and complete equipment.

That strategy would be meaningful, valuable and effective for your financial reports and time management.

Every moment is perfect to start getting ready for an upcoming working season or to create a cosy healthy home environment.

You can find superior window cleaning services in London, hiring "Gary's Window Cleaners". Our mission is to meet clients' need and requirements. Trust on our experience.

Consider the advantages of professional window washing. Otherwise, it would be necessary to invest in essential tools, equipment, ladders, products and accessories.

We make it our mission to please our customers, save their time to ensure a friendly relationship.

Solution For Your Windows

All of us live in stress. Suppose you are busy and have not enough resources and energy to maintain regularly home or office windows. Our experts will support you in that time-consuming cleaning project with perfect final results.

Rely on our professionalism, experience and correctness.