Although the efforts and the time we invest in washing, scrubbing and maintaining, the final results may not be sufficient.
For example, after a window cleaning process, it is quite possible to notice that the glass is rich in spots, traces, streaks despite the suitable products, the microfibre and other tools. It could be an embarrassing experience, indeed.

Photo by © Alexander Mueller

To avoid that unpleasant after cleaning effect, you may use a squeegee with a soft, flat rubber edge to dry the window and lend a brilliant shine. A similar feature you can find in the well-known black and white newspaper pages. Colourful areas are not suitable for that purpose.
A professional trick for glass washing is to start the drying with the first squeegee strip at the top and then continue with the next line. That is an efficient, organised method which reduces the risk of streaks. Choose an appropriate part of the day for that housekeeping task. The direct sunlight will dry the window too quickly, and the final result wouldn’t be so useful. Cloudy days also are a proper time to take care of that home section.
Blinds very rapidly collect dust. Fortunately, some simple hacks can allow you to breathe clean indoor air and to enjoy the beautiful window appearance from both sides. Your solution could be an antiseptic spray. Apply it after they are already purified. You can use that product also for other home possessions.

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If mildew growth often bothers you and frequent scrubbing and treatment, trust on a bleach solution. Window frames are a risk zone at home. Both humidity and dust create the perfect soil for an easy piling up and mould growth.
You can remove black and grey mildew spores for good with that potent and toxic detergent, but the next window washing wouldn’t need such a chemical. So be calm. Sometimes the well-kept household requires a strong reaction to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens. You can also add a little bit of liquid soap for an excellent after-cleaning effect.

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Rubber gloves are recommended to protect the skin of your hands. Wearing a mask also would be a good self-care and wise decision.
Usually, the outside of the windows can be almost always dusty because the different debris in the air easy stick to the glass covering.
In case you have difficulties in keeping the sills that are a part of your home’s exterior, prepare a coat of floor wax. That is a straightforward and smart /my loved combination/ trick to protect the windows from dust, grime and bird’s excrements. Try, and you will see that such tips are working much more effectively than you can suppose.
When the windows are dirty, a homemade solution would be necessary to prepare. If the windows are covered with stubborn stains of dust and muddy raindrops, try to treat the glass first with vinegar or lemon juice. Rubbing alcohol, in my opinion, can make miracles. I prefer that product to disinfect contaminated surfaces and apply that solution during my deep cleanings at home.
The essential part of the cleaning usually includes warm soapy water. The windows need soapy bubbles because they can collect the dirt, to break the molecules of grime. But the creamy foam is not recommended and even contraindicated because the soap leaves residues over the glass surface, which is difficult to rinse and there is a risk of more humidity. Some experts advise using distilled water because it can remove the minerals very carefully and gently.
And one warning. Please, do not use a soap with moisturisers in it.
Consider if your windows get dirty too fast. Think about what would be the reasons and how to reduce their harmful impact. Please, consult with your friends, neighbours and check whether they have noticed such a problem in their households. Discuss your fears with specialists too.
There is a chance to improve the windows’ state and keep them clean for a longer time than usual. You can change the filter of the home heating and cooling system.
Modern smart homes trap a variety of air pollutions, including dirt, pathogens, pollen and dander. Furnace and air conditioners can also help you in the mission with the healthy indoor environment because they can grapple the dust and to keep the furniture, windows, floors and appliances neater.
Filter maintaining is not a challenging task and a cheap option, indeed. Another possibility is changing them every two months to improve the home air and keep the rooms’ cleanliness and cosiness.
If there are smokers at home, be sure that the windows get dirty rapidly because the nicotine is a massive enemy of each glass covering. You can eliminate the fume with ammonia cleaner. Use only scented one to avoid the unpleasant and long-lasting smell in the air.